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Foligen Reviews: Does This Hair Growth Supplement Really Work?

Losing your and going bald is not an easy problem to deal with. It can shatter your self confidence and cripple your self-esteem.

Unfortunately, hair loss is a very common scenario that a lot of men have to deal with as they age. — But what if there’s an effective solution to not only prevent hair loss but also stimulate hair growth?

Introducing The Ground Breaking Hair Growth Formula Backed By Scientific Research — Foligen

What Is Foligen?

This is a hair growth supplement that can stimulate the growth of healthy, thick, & strong hair.

Foligen incorporates a breakthrough formula that not only supports rapid hair growth, but also it can further help you regaining confidence and self-esteem.

This product combats every underlying cause of hair loss.

For an example, irrespective of whether your hair loss problem is related to your genetic background or you’re suddenly observing the symptoms of premature balding, the powerful hair restoration formula of Foligen has a perfect solution for it.

The product is equally useful for both men and women that are facing a typical hair loss problem. If you are facing the symptoms of balding, or your hairline is receding, or your hair isn’t that voluminous and thick anymore, this hair growth supplement will be ideal for you.

Furthermore, this supplement makes you look younger by preventing hair fall.

Let’s now reveal more details about this product in the following sections.

Foligen Reviews: What Are the Main Ingredients?

According to the manufacturer’s website, the product is comprised of 100% natural ingredients that are helpful in treating the hair loss problem. For your reference, the top three major ingredients of Foligen will be briefly described in this section.

I) Biotin: Biotin is widely known as Vitamin B7.

This is a water-soluble vitamin that is an integral part of vitamin B complex. Needless to mention, vitamin B complex supplies a wide range of key nutrients to a human body that is needed for effective functioning of your metabolic, nervous, cardiovascular, and digestive system.

Moreover, Vitamin B7 is also essential in maintaining a youthful and attractive look. Biotin plays an important role in order to maintain the overall health of your hair, skin, and nails.

II) Fo-Ti: Fo-Ti is a famous medicinal herb

…. that is mostly used in traditional Chinese medicine as an effective longevity tonic. This herb can combat the problems of premature aging, constipation, acne, skin problems, and erectile dysfunction etc.

Considering its proven benefits as an anti-aging tonic, Foligen has incorporated this ingredient into its advanced hair restoration formula. It is further assumed that Fo-Ti (a key ingredient of Foligen) can help reducing hair loss and restore your original hair color.

III) Other Important Ingredients:

As mentioned in the earlier section, Foligen is composed of various natural ingredients that can repair, strengthen, and stimulate the growth of hair.

The other important ingredients of this hair supplement include Vitamin B5, Magnesium Oxide, Vitamin C, Manganese Chelate, Vitamin D3, and Vitamin A.

Foligen Review: How Does It Really Work?

Foligen works in three ways (as briefly mentioned below).

1. Thicker & Stronger Hair:

This Biotin-rich hair supplement improves the strength & elasticity of cortex (the thickest layer of your hair shaft), prevents hair damage, and protects your hair against breakage.

In this way, it helps you grow thicker, voluminous, and stronger hair.

2. It Supports Hair Growth:

The acute deficiency of B complex vitamins can cause the symptoms of hair loss. Plus, Biotin (an integral part B complex vitamins) is important for cell proliferation.

This vitamin reacts with your cell enzymes and stimulates the production of amino acids that are the primary building block of protein. Note, your hair also contains a protein that is commonly termed as keratin. And, this hair restoration formula supplies biotin and supports hair growth.

3. It Improves Hair Health:

The ingredients (present inside Foligen) offers you a full, voluptuous, and thicker hair.

Furthermore, it provides you a young and beautiful look and overcomes the problem of receding hairline. Biotin, one of the primary ingredients of Foligen, accelerates the metabolism process of fats and protein, helps your hair cells to absorb the essential nutrients, and improves your overall hair health.

Foligen Review: Are There Any Major Pros and Cons?

Let’s Look At The Pros Of Using Foligen For Hair Growth

  • Significant improvement in the overall health and texture of hair.
  • Supports and stimulates hair growth.
  • Helps to overcome the common problems of hair loss, balding, and receding hairline.
  • Helps to grow thick and voluminous hair.
  • No major side effects as such.


  • It can not offer you an overnight success.
  • The actual result broadly depends on various other factors including your lifestyle and diet.
  • Foligen is specifically designed for those people that are in the early phases of hair loss.

The Final Conclusion:

Hair loss problem or receding hairline can affect you emotionally & lower your self- esteem. Moreover, hair loss can be caused due to a variety of reasons including genetic background, environmental effects, and sudden hormonal changes.

Irrespective of any of the aforementioned reasons, if you need a hair growth supplement (that contains only natural ingredients), then you can try using Foligen here.

Let’s now reveal more details about this product in the following sections.

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