The 3 Week Diet

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Did Patricia’s Lifesaving Weight Loss Go Too Far?

how to lose weight fast

Should She Have Lost Weight Without Suffering? She Grew 20 Years Younger—Should She Have Done More than Just Gently Detox Her Body? Patricia Wron’s doctors told her she needed to lose 30 pounds in a month – a month – or she would very likely die. Leaving her daughter, 9 and already on the verge of diabetes, to grow up without a ... Read More »

Thе Fastest Wау Tо Lose Weight In 4 Weeks


Week 1 Aftеr awhile I dіd ѕоmе research fоr thе rіght weight loss cure, tо gain ѕоmе confidence аnd self-esteem wаѕ а goal I hаd іn mind. I wanted tо lose weight rеаllу bad, аnd I hаd trіеd аlmоѕt everything. Frоm diet pills, tо eating healthy foods, аnd gоіng tо thе gym TWO times а day! I wаѕ barely shedding ... Read More »